Wednesday, January 25, 2012


So the Mr. Is on Duty tonight.. and like any other Duty night..

I have been wanting to talk about a lot of things.. 
Some good, and some not so good,
but I just have not felt like typing it all out! 

I truly thinking about doing a video blog.. but we will see haha

I just haven't been able to get myself to sit and type a good post 
that is not all over the place!  

I find myself writing, erasing, writing, erasing, writing.. getting off topic, 
and then erasing again! 

I am sure my video blog post would be a bit scattered as well...
but maybe hearing it would be more entertaining than reading it. 

My husbands leave got approved!! Which I am VERY excited about!! 
We get to go to Oklahoma for a bit, and he gets to go to my Dr. appointment :o)

The not so good stuff really isn't anything to do with my personal life, 
but rather the things I do not understand about others.. 

I know other peoples lives really are none of my business.. 
but when you blast it all over the internet...
its a bit hard to miss! 

Actually I take that back.. There is one "negative" thing that does 
some what involve my personal life.. 
I say "negative" because it is more so about a girl, 
who does not even know me, but thinks she has the right to call 
me along with a few other women Sluts and other things.. 
All over a photo album called "were sexy & we know it". 
I have a lot to say on this subject but I will save it for the video.. 
or a later post if I do not end up making the video haha. 

I hope all is well in the world of bloggers :o) 
God bless!! 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I want to start off by saying

Now with that being said let me tell you... Some wives out here are CRAZY.
There is this one specific on that a huge majority of the community does not like. 
She wears her husbands rank, runs to husbands commands, and contacts her 
personal lawyer, trying to get people in trouble for "cyber bullying".
In reality the people are simply disagreeing with her, not bullying her. 
She is a grown woman with 5 kids.. yet still very childish. 

Yesterday there was a post written on a facebook page about this woman. 
It did not have her name at first, but everyone knew who it was about. 
I personally am not a big fan of hers because as a "photographer" 
she is not very professional at all. She held a referral contest on her page that I 
won for a free photo shoot. Needless to say she ignored me and we never got 
our photo shoot.. 

Any ways, Someone ended up posting the woman's name and one of her followers, 
or i guess her "friend" came on the defending her. 
Now, there are about 5 or 6 plus women commenting on this thread 
about how much they dislike her and how crazy she is. 

So this one chick coming in to defend her is treading on very rough water. It probably 
would have been in her best interest to just stay out of it, remove herself from the group, 
and move on with her life, but instead she involved herself in the drama. 

I posted my opinion of the woman and advised the "friend" she was treading on 
rough water. She proceeded to accuse me of "attacking" her, and reported all of
my comments to facebook as a violation.. 

WOW, and to think we are all grown women, some with children of our own. 

This woman then also brought our children into the conversation and the way we raise them.
saying something about "I hope your don't raise your children to be disrespectful to women"
Umm... Hello we are all Women here voicing our opinions of the situation. 
DO NOT throw our children into it... 

The whole argument lasted well into the next morning, with every comment getting flagged,
so eventually the original person who posted the original comment deleted the whole thing.

Either way.. I just want to say.. 
Some women out here are CRAZY, and need to get some thicker skin, pick their battles wisely, 
and stop running to facebook to report "attacks" and "abuse". 

Oh and one more thing.. Stop blaming your immaturity on the desert!! 

I hear " Were in the middle of the desert, it makes us crazy, and we have nothing else to do",
Almost every day.. That is just ridiculous!! 

Thank you.. and 
bless your crazy little hearts! 


Monday, January 9, 2012


I have got to take a break from this wonderful thing called life,
to have a bit of a vent session.. And this will really 
not be anything about the military... Sorry!! 

SO I am taking online classes through a college back in Oklahoma.
I am on my last year before having my bachelors degree. 
I am currently using Student loans since we can not dish out Thousands of dollars
in tuition, and I have not filed for a new FASFA with my husbands information.
Last semester I did the exact same thing taking 4 online classes which adds up to 
12 credit hours and had absolutely no problems! 

Now for this semester. I am still taking 4 classes but one is a Science class
so with the lab it makes 13 credit hours.. 1 More than last semester.
I tried to order my books a month ago through my loans and
never got any kind of conformation. So i reordered them 

My classes started today so I paid the extra 20 bucks to have them mailed in 
one day. Well I get an email today saying my order was canceled.
I call the Book store and they tell me I only have $66!! 
What the heck!! 

So the book store gives me a number to call, who ends up giving me another number to call
and eventually I get a hold of the Financial Aid office. 
She said she did not know what the problem was, but then realizes it is only showing 
$66 on her record as well. So she then transfers me to another number...
Well this last number I have wont answer their dang phone 
and I swear they are ignoring my calls...
Sometimes it rings a lot then goes to voice mail..
Other times it only rings once then goes to voice mail....
And the best thing of all, Their Voice Mail is FULL!!!! 

Way to go Rogers State!! :/ 

I can not imagine having 1 more credit hour, would cost me over $1000!?! 
Either way I am not sure what to do.. My classes are already in 
Full gear and I have No books..

My books are around $400, and although that might not sound like too much
We have a plane ticket to buy for next month for my Dr. appointment. 
So what we do have saved up is pretty much for that.. 
as well as trying to save up for a deposit on a house when we move... 

UGHHHHH Yup I really do not understand why its pretty much required to 
have a degree to have a decent paying job, yet you have to go into such debt 
and so much trouble to get to that point.. Without even really having a 
guarantee that you are going to get that decent paying job. 
And Then to have an even better chance at a decent job you have to go to 
even more school, because now days even a bachelors degree does not 
seem to mean much any more!!! 

Way to start a new semester, right??!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Its A New Year!!

Yes I know I am a few days late!! 

This post is probably going to be all over the place as well. 

So the Mr. and I had an amazing new years! We had a few of the guys over 
for New Years Eve and all went well! We had a lot of Laughs. 
New years day we went to Big Bear which is a place on the Mountains 
Here in 29 and stayed with one of the guys that works with my husband
and his family! They were all so nice and funny! 
We ended up going to a place that had some big hills and you could 
ride down them on inter-tubes! We spent pretty much an entire day there! 
It was a lot of fun! 

One thing that does amaze me though is how STUPID some Marines can be! 
Seriously, If you are a Marine, No matter what rank you are, You should
Know the fact that you can NOT wear your Cammies and other gear out in town. 
Really are you just asking to get killed!!?? 
Some people need to realize that not everyone in this country appreciates 
what the Military is doing. Some people in THIS country would love 
to kill a person in the military. Its the harsh truth!! 
Wearing your cammies out in public puts a HUGE target on your back. 
If your wanting to try and get "respect" from the public by wearing 
your uniforms out in public then join the freaking ARMY! 

Ok, Sorry, I am done talking about the stupid Marines! lol But I do have to say,
If you are a S/O of a Marine and he decides to wear his Cammies
out in public. Do NOT get an attitude and mouth another Wife or Marine 
for correcting your husband and explaining the issues and harms of him 
taking this actions he has chosen to do. 
We are simply looking out for our own and In no way would we wish 
harm upon him. So take in the advice and Learn from it!! 
Before you find your husband shot, and your face stomped into the ground
for mouthing the WRONG person!!!

Ok, Now I am moving on! I Promise!!! haha 
Our Thanks giving was pretty good! We Spent it with the family 
that I babysit for. We had some pretty great food!! 
Christmas did not feel much like Christmas this year though. 
It was just the Mr. and I, and we ended up spending a lot of it at the gym haha
It was nice working out but defiantly did not feel much like Christmas. 
We had Stir-fry for dinner!! haha 

Well I think this is enough for now!! 
I will post some pictures!! 
Lol I Love Pictures!! So there will probably be lots 
throughout this blog!! Hope you enjoy! 

God Bless!! 

^^And Here is the Stupid Marine wearing his Cammies ^^
plus other random gear out in public!! 

^^Haha This is called the "Snow Shoe" lol^^

^^The Mr. and I on the Slopes^^ 

^^A Beautiful View!^^

^^I had to post this picture of all my loves sleeping!^^

Friday, January 6, 2012

Where did the time go??!!

Hello World!!

Where to start?? Geeze The last time I was on here was in July before my birthday... It is a bit crazy going back and ready my posts lol.

I am a lot stronger now as far as being away from my family. Don't get me wrong I miss them like crazy, but I am so thrilled to be living with my husband and making such amazing memories with him. Like all newlyweds we have our disagreements but it really has not been as bad as most would think. They always say the first year is the hardest, and we are already 6 months down and it has been a breeze.

Most people look at us and think we wont last. They hear our story of how fast we moved (engaged after 2 months, married after 6 months) but we believe you can never put a time frame on falling in love. Our relationship is stronger than many others I know, and we are kicking this first year in the butt! haha

Now that I have been a marine wife for 6 months, I have a bit of an idea on the life style. I was constantly asking the Mr. "Ok what does that mean?" "What does this do, stand for, ect?" "What rank is he?" lol you get the point :o) I was so nervous moving to California, and going on base, and especially going to his squadron. I did not know what to where, how to act, and was so nervous I would do something to get the Mr. in trouble! haha I learned fast though, and now know most of the terms, and military time, and most of the peoples ranks above my husband (the ones you have to be extra nice to) haha I do feel really bad though, I went to my first family day which is where the Marines families get to come to the squadron and meet everyone and eat and such. Well i went to my first one and as I was walking in, and older man which happened to be my husbands command walked by and said "good morning Ma'am". I was looking down and had no idea he was talking to me and just walked right past him!! After we got by him my husbands co worked said "he was talking to you"! I felt so bad, and was so worried he that he felt disrespected and would take it out on my husband, but thank god he did not! lol

Moving on :o) We actually moved out of our house in town and moved in to base housing! I love the house we are in! We had a lot of issues with our landlord that I am not even going to get into, but needless to say she was a horrible, heartless, manipulative person who royally screwed us over, and we are so glad to just be done with her! lol

We also have another dog! Spaz makes 3 haha he was actually a gift from my in laws for the wedding, but was to young to take at the time, so I flew down to Texas in August for a Dr. appointment and flew him back with me :o) I will try to get some pictures!

There is so much more that has happened, but this post is already pretty long so I will save it for another day. The Mr. is also trying to watch a movie and I am sure my loud typing is distracting him! hahah

God bless to all!! and I hope you are making the best of a new year!!

^^This is our Newest addition Spaz^^

^^Our 3 Babies! They love to play and sleep haha ^^

^^All of us cuddling on the couch while the Mr. was at work^^

^^They love each other!!^^

^^Lilly and Spaz Sleeping with the Mr.on the couch after a long day^^
Gunner is on the floor playing (you can see his head a little haha)