Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Still no dress!

One week and 4 days out and I still do not have my wedding dress!! 

I'm a little stressed..... haha I have had a horrible experience 
with this bridal place and now i'm starting to regret sticking with them! 

I went and tried on dresses and fell in complete love with one
 and it was right in our price range,
So I was extremely excited!
Then one of the owners came up and told us the price
on the dress was wrong
 and it was actually $150 or so more than what the tag said.
(someone put the wrong tag on it)

He tried telling me we were going to have to pay the extra
and I argued with him for forever about how the mistake was not my mistake,
 and in customer service when 
a situation like this comes up
the customer is always right
 and you should man up for your store mistakes
and give it for what it is priced. 

Finally the other owner came up
 and agreed with me and was willing to give it to us
 for the price shown on the tag. 

Then I went in for my alterations
 and the same guy who argued with me was the one to do my alterations.
He was very nice at first
so I felt a little better but when he shoved the 
bra cups into the top of my dress
it defiantly made me feel a little awkward.
Then I was telling him what alterations I wanted
 and what I wanted to add and take 
away from my dress
and he argued with me,
saying it would look cheap and 
all kinda of crap..
 Finally after 2 hours of arguing with me
 he finally agreed to do it my way
and said it would look good. 

And now, here I am a little over a week away
 from Our wedding and still no dress.
I called them today and they said they are still working on it.
They told me 3 months ago it will be no later than the 1st.
 I told him that and he said 
" Oh, well if we told you the 1st then it will be done the 1st" 
I asked him if he realized that the 1st is tomorrow and all he said 
is "i'm sure it will probably be done" 
(not very reassuring but i'm praying it is done and done right!!)

(this is the dress I plan to make for the flower girl) 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

14 days = 2 weeks!!

Only two weeks left until Our wedding!!!
Ok technically we only have 13 days now lol :o) 

And I finally get to see the Mr. in 8 days!! I can't wait to pick him up from the airport!! 

Tomorrow I am going to the lake with my parents, and my second family, The Rose family! I am so excited! 
It will defiantly be a bitter sweet deal though.. It will be a ton of fun and it has been a tradition for like ever! 
But It will also be the last time we are all together before the wedding and the big move.. 

The Rose family have gone above and beyond for my family, and we have for them as well. 
It is a husband, a wife, and a daughter my age. The husband had cancer back in 2000 
and we were there every step of the way, He and my dad are best friends and were partners for the same 
police force way back when lol 

He beat the cancer and then he and his family were such a great support system when I was diagnosed. 
They also took me in at a time in my life that I needed them the most! During college, I wasn't living 
in the best environment. A home with 4 other people and every single one of them did drugs 
except for me, on top of drinking, and parties, and fights going on in the house I just couldn't 
take it, so for the last month of my college year the Rose family took me in to their home and let me stay in their guest room. The treated me as if I was one of their own children and made me feel very welcomed
and helped me get through a very depressing stage in my life. 

I am so grateful  For the Rose family and So I will make the best of the time we all have together! 

On another not though, I got a TON of organizing done today with the whole packing process.
I went through all of my things and put them in piles of throw away, sell, keep and take,and keep and store. 
Hopefully we can fit all the keep and takes in my car! haha I am so unbelievably excited to see the
Mr. though!! He is my one true love and I am so thankful to have him in my life! 
He helps me get through so much and is so supportive! :o) 

Ahhh!!! Did I mention we only have 2 weeks and we will officially be Husband and Wife!?!? :D

The Rose Family!

The Parents!

The Girls!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

That Cold Place in your Soul.

So...  this Post is going to be a complete rant, Fair warning! 

This after noon I was looking at flight prices to get
the Mr. home for the wedding since his leave just got approved,
and I found an awesome deal,
So then we waiting for his check to go through and 
then when it did I got online to book the flight
and in a matter of a couple of hours the ticket had gone up! 
It is still an awesome deal and all
 but I hate that the flight prices just change like that
in a matter of hours! 
It is so frustrating!! 

I also hate how some military wives pull the freaking rank card...
Seriously who cares if your husband is a lcpl or cpl or even sergeant???
 I don't get it? Is it seriously that big of a deal?
 and what about Marines compared to Reservist??
 I mean don't they still do kinda the same thing?
 I know some still deploy...
 Idk I know I'm still new to all this
 and maybe it is a big deal but I just don't get it!?! 

Do all Military wives belittle other wives
simply because their husband has like one rank over them?? 

WOW.. Ok I think i'm done with this Rant and I really hope I do not offend any one, and I'm not really a hateful person, but tonight I just had to vent! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

17 days and Counting!

Wow!! I can't believe the Mr. and I will be getting married in 17 days! Looking back at my calender I see where we started the count down at 82 days because that was the last day I saw him, and now we are down to 17!
Its so unbelievable! At the time I though it would go by so slow, and now i'm just thinking dang where did 
those 65 days go? 

I am so excited to finally be with my love for good and to be in the same state, house, and bed with him, but I am also extremely close to my family. So leaving them will be a little sad. I have just been trying to make the 
best of the time that I have with them all! 

I still have SO many little details for the wedding along with picking my wedding dress up!! Yes I know, I still don't have it and it is very frustrating! I had a lot of alterations done to it but geeze its been almost 3 months! 
They are saying I can come pick it up on the 1st, which is 10 days before the wedding! I am just hoping 
they have all the alterations done right!! 

I also have so much packing to do for the big move! I don't even know where to begin but I am a HUGE procrastinator when it comes to packing. :/  I wish I could just snap my fingers and have everything packed.
Although it is mainly just clothes, makeup, shoes, and items like that since our house in California is already
completely furnished. I still have to figure out exactly what I want to take and what I want to leave for 
storage though. 

Dang and I only have 17 days!! haha

But, I absolutely can not wait to see my soon to be hubby in 14 days!! :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Safe and some what sound!

Thank goodness the storm passed over my home town with just hail, strong winds, a little rotation but nothing 
touched the ground, and a LOT of rain. Some surrounding towns weren't so lucky though :(
Praying for those people who have lost their homes and their loved ones in the past couple of days!! 
Hopefully all these storms will stop and go away so we can finally truly be safe and sound!

Some of the family and I waiting the storm out in the cellar 

This was a tornado that did touch ground right outside of my town! 

The dark scary clouds right above the house! 

Please Pray!!

If you are religious please pray for the families in Joplin Missouri, They were hit by a huge devastating tornado 
on Sunday, and more storms are headed that way. 

Please pray as well for My home town and surrounding towns 
There is a possible F5 tornado that may hit 2 hours from me around 5pm and will be headed this way 
around 6 pm tonight! 

Local Meteorologist posted on facebook:
  Still looking at model data, OMG. Pray hard, pray now. I can't stress this enough. We are in trouble folks. OKC=F5 bullseye!" 
"Be safe everyone, today will go down in history and not in a good way." 

Here is a video from the tornado in Joplin Missouri On Sunday, Very devastating

Here is a picture of what is headed Our way! 

Thank you so much for the prayers, The families really need all they can get!

With you is where I'd rather be!

It is 4:05am and yet I am still awake, because here lately it has just been harder and harder to sleep without the Mr. here with me. Don't get me wrong I am so very thankful his is not deployed right now,
but the time away from him is still hard and the distance is still far. 

I completely dread the point when his second deployment comes around, but I know it will be coming, and that is why I am so ready to have [real] time with my soon to be hubby, in person where I can feel
his touch, and smell his cologne, and hear his heart beat as we drift to sleep. Not just hearing
his voice or even seeing his face through a small computer screen with a 
crappy connection. But real time with a physical connection. 

I want to have those times so I can cherish them and remember them for the time that he is gone for a deployment. June 8th just can't get here soon enough!! That will be the first time seeing him in 
3 months, which I know compared to a deployment that is NO time at all, but the 
excitement of our wedding on June 11th is just making the wait drag even 

Well, I guess I will try to go to sleep once again! :o) goodnight world! 

Oh and here are some pictures from my last visit with my love during my spring break in March!! 

WARNING: I am a photo junkie so there will probably be lots of pictures in my posts!

      We were bored at the hotel so we
 decided to take goofy pictures!

This was on St. Patrick's day! 

We got dressed up to go to dinner for 
the Mr's 21st Birthday! 

One of the last days with my love before saying
"see you later!" 

Monday, May 23, 2011

~ Our Family ~

At the moment the Mr. and I do not have any children, but we do have a fur baby! 

Her name Is Lilly, She is a purebred Chihuahua, 
She turned 3 years old on March 23rd. 
and she weighs about 6 lbs right now but shes kinda fat :o)  

We do plan to have children in the near future but for now we just have a family of 3 ;) 

The Mr, I , and Lilly during his leave around Christmas. 

 Me and Lilly when I had brown hair... 

She loves to cuddle! 

She was sick this day :( 

Me and Lilly laying on the couch, during a rainy day, watching army wives,
and counting down the days until we can be 
with the man of our dreams!! :o)

Just starting!

I had another blog called His rainbow princess, Her prince in camouflage, But I was not keeping up with it very well so I decided to start over! :) Hopefully I can keep up with this one a little better.

I am not "officially" a Marine wife yet, but I will be in 19 days!! We are getting married on June 11th. I am Sooo excited, I'm just ready for the day to be here and to be with my love! I am also nervous at the same time because I will be leaving my family, my school, and everything I know; to go to a place that I know nothing about, and only know like 2 people besides my S.O. so it will be a completely new life for me!

I want to have this blog to just share my experience as a brand new Marine wife, and trust me it has been an experience in itself already and I don't even have the wife title yet.

I hope every one enjoys and please leave comments if you would like!!! I would love any advice, and I love meeting new people so I am always open to talk about whatever!

God bless!