Thursday, July 28, 2011

2 More days! Random Post.

In 2 more days I will be 21!! 
Funny thing is, i'm not crazy excited like most people are.
I'm not a big drinker, all I want to do is go to Red lobster! 
haha Don't get me wrong I will have a drink, but nothing crazy! 

We got a new dog! His Name is Gunner, he is an Australian Shephard Mix 
We got him a month ago from some crack head! haha 
We paid $10 for him. He is a pretty good dog though! 
and Him and Lilly actually get along pretty well! 

Here Is our New addition Gunner, and Lilly laying with him.

They both like to Cuddle.

This Picture was taking the first week We had him! 
He has already grown a lot! 

I took the dogs to the vet the other day. Gunner has been sick, 
and Lilly has worms. 
Lilly has whip worm so we are treating them both 
for it to be safe. 
We are also treating them for Parvo to be safe as well.
Let me just say the vet can be so Expensive!! 

We got $115 off our bill because we were first time visitors, 
but we still walked out with $160 bill! 

Anyways.. Back to my Birthday! haha Yeah I get very random a lot! 

I'm pretty sure we are going to Palm Springs for Red Lobster.
Then possibly a Movie or something. 
I also used some birthday Money that my family sent me to 
design some shirts through
If you have not been there.. GO!! 

It is an awesome place where you can put your own design on 
lots of different things. 
Shirts, pants, shorts, underwear, bathing suits, beer mugs, pillow cases ect. 
and the prices are very reasonable as well!! 

I will have to take pictures and post them when they come in! 
I made one with the marine globe on the front and then on the back says,
"Marine wife, Our love is Semper Fi"
with our last name on it. 

Another one says on the front 
"Forget prince charming, I have a U.S. Marine" 
and then our last name down the back. 

And then I also HAD to make a Dallas Cowboys  shirt for football season! 
I am so excited!! I am already planning party foods!! haha 

well I think that is enough random rambling for one post!! 
Have a great Thursday! 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Missing Home..

This whole week has kind of stunk... 

The Mr. has been on range all week so he has been going to bed 
super super early and leaving in the middle of the night..
I have tried to go to bed with him, but then i'm waking up in the 
middle of the night with him and sitting around literally all day.. 

My car isn't running so even if I had something to do I would be able to go lol 

The Dessert kind of sucks!... sometimes.. lol 

I'm just ready for this week to pass! 

My birthday is next Saturday.. but I don't think we are going 
to get to do anything... 

My birthday will consist of fixing the car and getting new tires 
for the truck because one blew... Isn't it funny how that 
always works out.. you plan something and put money back 
then something goes wrong and you have to fix it... lol 

Oh well just thankful we have the money.. 

I have been really missing home this week.. probably has a lot with the Mr.
being gone so much.. but I am really missing my family.. 
I am very close to them and its crazy not seeing them. 

I am also really missing the grass! haha I used to love going out at night
barefoot walking in the grass and looking at the stars.. Here its just dirt,
gravel, and stickers.. 

I need to get out of the house!! lol 

This morning I got up at 3am and 
moved everything out of the kitchen and living room, 
and swept and mopped, did dishes, and cleaned the counters 
and table... finally at 5am I laid back down watched a movie 
and fell asleep... then got back up at 8:30 lol 

I just wish there was more to do in this town, and 
more people I knew to do things with... 

I am so excited for this weekend though, to actually spend time 
with the Mr. and Relax! 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Family Day

Here lately I have had a blank on what to blog about. 
The Mr. has gotten to come home early all week too so I have 
partially been gone enjoying my time with him :) 

Today the Mr's Unit had a family day because Deployment is creeping up.. 
This was my first family day to go to so I didn't know quite 
what to expect. 

I got to meet a lot of the guys he works with and a few of the wives. 
Yet again I didn't hold a single conversation with any wives. 

It is partially my fault. I'm just not comfortable with women. 
I always feel like i'm being judged.. especially because I am the 
"new girl" 

I'm sure guys probably judge just as much but they don't make it so obvious.. 

But then again no wives made it a point to try and have a conversation
with me either.. but i'm not a judgmental person.. 

any ways.. Today was still a great day :o) I spent lots of time with the Mr. 
and had some pretty great food. and met awesome people! 

Even though the Mr. may not be deploying.. it did make me nervous.. 

All the talk of the deployment, and the training leading up to it 
,and the stress, and the time spent apart, and the goodbyes 
defiantly scared me a bit... 

I know deployments happen DUHHH!! lol but I'm not quite ready 
for him to leave. I know things can change at any point,
but I am really hoping he stays off of this deployment list. 

Other than that, like I said it was a great day! 
I just kind of wish I could meet some more 
Down to earth, nonjudgmental, down to hang out
wives in the 29 palms area! :o)  

Friday, July 1, 2011

Wedding Pictures!

For those who follow or even those just passing through, 
I finally put up a page of wedding pictures!! 

They are at the top under the wedding pictures tab 

This was the happiest day of my life and through all the stress leading up 
it ended up being a beautiful, perfect, fun day! 

Hope you enjoy them!!