Care Packages!

So the Mr. Is NOT deployed that the time (thank the lord), but we are still over 1,000 miles apart due to my schooling. He is in California and I am in Oklahoma until June 11, 2011, then I will be with him!
Anyways, I did make him a care package for Easter since we were apart so I wanted to share, and if and when he deploys next I will add LOTS of more pictures :o)

Easter Care Package:
Consisted of some civilian t-shirts since he doesn't have many, a bag full of easter candy, and some of the green fake grass they have out during easter. I also had an easter card but forgot to put it in it!! haha I felt dumb for forgetting.. I also wanted to buy some plastic easter eggs and in each one put a slip of paper with sweet sayings of " I love you, I miss you", and the things I loved about him but I already made him a thing saying the things I loved about him so I left that out, but its a good idea for those who plan to make an easter package for their deployed loved ones! 

I covered the inside with different scrap booking papers and pictures of us!  
and sprayed the inside with perfume to make it smell good!

Then I covered the outside with ribbon, scrapbook paper, different love and motivational quotes, and marine and patriotic stickers! 


  1. Hey, I was wondering if you had any ideas for a Valentine's Day care package? My Marine isn't deployed, but we are pretty far from one another. I'd just like to send him something for the holiday :)

  2. If you have a Hobby Lobby near by, or a crafts store go find some cute decorations for the box. You can decorate the outside like I did if you are not sending it overseas, But if your Marine gets embarrassed easily you may want to stick to decorating the inside only. lol Pack up a bunch of his favorite candies and snacks. Avoid anything that might melt, if it has a possibility of getting on other things. My husband loves anything Hickory Farms haha, he said you HAVE to pack that in lol. Drench the package in his favorite perfume of yours! He will love it! You could always make him a CD or download songs to a flash drive, of songs that remind you of him or the songs special to the both of you. Pack in a card with a hand written letter as well. Since now days everything is pretty much electronic, it will be nice to get something hand written for a change. Make a little "book" of things you love about your marine. You can write One thing on each note card and tie it all together with ribbon or something. Decorate each card as well. I will try to post some links of some ideas. If you have a Pinterest Account you can find some great ideas!! good luck, and have fun with it!!!

  3. Here is an awesome Website with lots of gift ideas to make!! :o)

  4. Wow, thank you! You're so great at this, ha. Thank you so much :) So would It be possible for me to randomly send him something or will I have to tell him beforehand?

  5. If you have his address an all you can just send it to him as a surprise! I was nervous mine would get lost in the mail though, and I was really excited for him to get it.. so I ended up telling him to watch for something that I sent him the day before he got it lol I am horrible with keeping surprises!! haha I get way too excited!

  6. Me, too! Thanks so much :)


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