How We Met

The Mr. and I actually met through my best friend (the BF) and her husband, on Skype! But it was a interesting road to the official face to face meet.

My best friends  husband and The Mr. work together in the same unit and my BF thought that we would really get along well and wanted us to meet. Now, She actually wanted me to meet him in April of 2010, but at the time he had a girlfriend and was about to deploy to Afghanistan for 7 months! I am in no way a home wrecker and I did not want to meet some guy with a girlfriend because I had just gotten out of a relationship where I had been hurt by a home wrecker situation lol. I also thought there was no way I would want to even consider dating a Marine because I hated long distant relationships so the whole thought of meeting him didn't even linger in my mind at the time...

Well, In November of 2010 The Mr. came home from his deployment and once again my BF and her husband were telling me all about him and trying to convince me to meet him. His girlfriend ended up cheating while he was deployed, so he was now a single man! I was in Texas having surgery and he was going to be coming to Texas because that is his home state. My BF was trying to convince me to meet him while we were both in Texas but I was just about to have all my lymph nodes from my right arm pit removed and had a drain tube sticking out (sorry its gross!). So there was NO way i was going to meet him in that condition. So once again I missed an opportunity to meet the man of my dreams!

I did end up adding him on Facebook, and we creeped each others pages some and had a couple of conversations through chat but nothing too deep but my BF was defiantly trying to get something going between us because she was constantly talking to one another about the other..

Finally in December the MR. went back to California. I was Skyping with my BF one night when all of a sudden this tall, dark, and handsome Marine walked through the door and was just as as shocked to see me as I was to see him. We were set up by my BF and all of a sudden she introduced us and then left the room so it was just him and I!

Surprisingly everything came so easy though, talking to him was not awkward, and we started talking as if we had known each other for years. At that point I knew there was something very special happening between us.

Finally on December 20, 2011 The Mr. jumped in his car and drove over 1,000 miles to Oklahoma to officially meet me in person! It was a huge risk to take, because we truly did not "know each other" besides some occasional Skype dates but The rest from there is history!!

This was our first Picture taken together while we were talking on Skype for the first time!! I just love the fact the my BF gave him her daughters Tinker bell table set to sit at! haha

This was our first "official" picture together when he came to Oklahoma to meet me! <3

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