Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My experiences and other wives.

I was going to post this a few days ago, but did not have much time. 

So far moving to California really hasn't been all that bad. 
Yes we are in the desert but a plus side is no mosquito's! 

Coming from Oklahoma, that is a big thing!! It is so nice to just go outside
and have a cook out with friends and not get eaten up. 

I also like the fact that here you can just pick a dirt road, drive a ways down it, 
find a side of a mountain, set up a target, and practice shooting! Its actually
pretty nice :) 

We also got to go watch a drive in movie, which was a lot of fun
 and made me feel a little closer to home:) 

I do miss my family and friends, but I also have my husband here and Lilly
and am making new friends. They will never replace the ones I have
but its nice to get to know new people. 

I do also have one of my best friends and her family here so that is nice too!

Now to my experience with meeting some other Marine wives. 

Not going to lie I was pretty nervous. A lot of people kept telling me 
"Oh Marine wives are so judgmental and rude." 
"They are stuck up and wont give you the time of day" 
"Not all of them are B's but most are" 

Yeah that's not a very good reputation and part of me hates that fact 
that now that I am a Marine wife some people will think that of me. 

 Now as far as the judgmental part, the ones I have met, yeah a few are.. 
But they wont judge you to your face..

There is one that is my neighbor and she is really nice and a great person! 
but I also met some that weren't so nice. 

One girl just sat and stared at me and kept giving me some bad looks.
Idk what her deal was.. 

There was like 3 wives and 1 girlfriend there.. and I really didn't have
much of a conversation with the wives. besides my neighbor.  

But I did talk a lot to the girlfriend and her and her Marine did tell 
me I was a lot nicer than the others. I am really glad they thought 
that because I do NOT want to be seen as the "typical wife" 

But honestly, I don't really feel its the whole Marine wife Part of it... 
I think its just women/girls in general. 
seriously you put a bunch of girls together in a close environment
there is bound to be drama. and when you put them all in the 
desert it probably doesn't make it any better.

I did feel bad for the girlfriend though, she was a very nice girl, but as 
soon as her and her marine left all the other girls started talking.
Saying things about how the Marine isn't himself any more 
and they don't like her for that...

Umm Hellooo It is his choice to be different or not so be mad at him..
and seriously if those girls think their husbands act the same around
them as they do their friends and at work they are sadly mistaken.

Well so far this has been my experience with living here and other wives. 

Now those wives were in the 18-20 year old range , so maybe there
is still some growing up to do but i feel once you get married 
you need to pick it up a bit.. you don't only represent yourself any more
you represent your husband and all the other wives out there! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Settling In

We are officially settled in in California!! Our house is perfect for the two of us,
We are living off base but the price is very reasonable.
The Mr. is officially back at work so my and miss Lilly have been hanging out 
at the house listening to music and cleaning! 
Well Lilly just sleeps all day lol 

We went and got everything done on base that we needed to 
and also got to 
enjoy a drive in movie and cook out with our neighbors. 
They are really nice! 

It is taking some time getting used to the married life and 
being reliant on someone else, but i'm getting there.. lol

I just love the Mr. so much and am so glad to finally see him everyday and 
fall asleep in his arms :o) 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Its Official!!

I am officially the Mrs!!! 

I can't even explain how excited and happy I am! 
The wedding was so perfect!!! 
It was a lot of fun and a great time with friends and family. 

I can't wait to get the CD from the photographer and show pictures :o) 
The MR. and I got a small look of a few and absolutely love them! 
I Love him so much!! He is my world! 

We are leaving EARLY in the morning to head to Texas, 
spend a few days there, then head to California! 

So I will probably be MIA for a bit while I get settled in to the new place! 

Have a Wonderful Tuesday tomorrow everyone!! 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Last Minute Changes

We are officially down to 2 days before the wedding! 
I feel like there is still so much to do! 

One of my brides maids is not able to make it including her children who were going
to be our ring bearer and flower girl. So luckily at the last minute 
we were able to get the Mr's cousin as the ring bearer and we are using Lilly 
(Our dog) as the flower girl! haha 

I made her an adorable tutu and some flowers to put on her harness.
Our wedding is not going to be very traditional haha

We also were able to use a different bridesmaid since the Mr. has 3 groomsmen 
and I was only going to have 2 bridesmaids.. I know it would have been ok, but 
the girl who we asked to step in is a great girl and has been 
with the Mr. and I since we started dating so I am 
very happy to have he involved!  

We have had some problems with the ceremony place because it is outside, and 
the owners have not mowed in a few weeks, but they say they will 
have it all mowed and cleaned up by Saturday!!
I'm just praying! 

I am also praying that the rain holds off until lets say 5pm haha
there is a 20% chance but in Oklahoma it could turn to 100 in
no time! 

I'm getting so excited though!! The wedding is so close! and all the out of town 
guests are getting in to town! :o) My mother in law and Father in law are
giving the Mr. and I a puppy for one of our wedding gifts!! 
Im so excited!! He is so cute! black and white Malti- huahua! 

He is so stinking cute!!! I get to pick him up from Texas and take him back to 
California in August!!! I can't wait!! 

Happy Thursday yall!! 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

He's Here He's Here!!

The Mr. Got here yesterday!! :o) 
I am so excited!! 

I was so nervous in the airport! haha my hands were sweating, so bad and my 
stomach had crazy butterflies! It felt like it took FOREVER for his
plane to finally land! 

He got here yesterday, but I had to time to post.. 
I am just so happy to have him here 
and I can't believe our wedding is
almost 3 days away! 

The Mr. Made my family and I an amazing dinner tonight :o) 

I am going to apologize in advance, because I will probably not be updating 
much in the next week or so! With preparing for the wedding, 
and then the actual wedding, and the move to California,
and the Marine ball for his unit, we will be 
extremely busy for the next couple of weeks! 

I will post lots of wedding pictures As soon as I can though!! 

ahhhh I can't wait!! :o) 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya

Your {Only} A day away!! 

Yay!! I get to Pick the Mr. up from the airport TOMORROW :) 
I am so so excited! It has almost been 3 months now
since the last day I saw him!

It's no 7 month deployment but I am still very excited to see him!! 
We have 6 days until the wedding! 

We still need to get the grooms cake ordered and get the songs together, 
and then a bunch of little stuff, 
and get all of Lilly and I's things together and packed!

My parents and I did a LOT of work around the house yesterday,
moving the camper and boat around,
moving things from the house to the garage, 
cleaning the house, 
shampooing the carpet, 
5 loads of laundry,
and much more! 

We did get to take a little break and go to this festival my town has called
summerfest! I am so glad we went!!
It was my last time to go for quite a while,
and it is one of my favorite parts of summer
So I am more than happy that we got to go! 

Well that is all for now! ONE more day until I pick up my love!! and 6 more
 days until the big wedding :) :)

The garter I bought! <3

and Our beautiful cake topper!! 
Ahh I can't wait!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy Post :)

Its about time to have a happy post! haha 

I was defiantly freaking out this morning about the dress 
but my amazing Nana Pulled through
 and got my dress fixed completely and it looks so amazing, 
beautiful, and exactly the way I visioned it! 

I couldn't be happier with the job she did, yet I still feel bad
 she paid so much for a professional to do it 
and then had to redo half. But I think deep down 
she was really happy because she got to personally help make my dress :o) 

The Mr. and I also got our wedding vows all figured out
 and I am so excited. 
We are not going traditional, 
and I'm excited for everyone to hear them! 

I get to pick the Mr. up from the airport in 3 days!!! yes 3 days!! ahhh!!! 
I am so excited
I absolutely can not wait!! 

And then In 8 days the Mr. and I will officially be Husband and Wife!!  :o) 

Today was also my brothers 24th birthday,
 so we went to dinner to celebrate! 
He is my best friend
 and I don't know what I would do without him! 

Yay for happy posts!! :) 

Mayday Mayday!

Yes! This is how I feel today, and it is only 10am... 
Ok, so its not a life-threatening situation, but I am very frustrated/stressed..

MORE issues with the dress... I can't go into great detail just yet, 
because I don't want the Mr. to have any idea 
of what the dress looks like, But I did get to pick it up yesterday! 

I pretty much have a custom made dress, and there
 was a LOT of work put into it, 
but when I put it on yesterday the dress was too short! 
I have no idea how this happened, 
because My mom and I were actually a little worried it would be too long, 
and it ended up being at least an inch to 2 too short! 

The other frustrating part was that they wouldn't fix it!! They kept saying 
"Oh no it looks fine"
But to me it is way to short and I am not 
comfortable with it like that.. 
This isn't some prom dress, this is my wedding dress,
 the most important dress of a womans life! 

Either way they still wouldn't fix it so this morning
 my grandpa is working on fixing it.
And Now we realize we have to fix 
some more things that are not done right.. 

I feel bad because my grandpa paid for the alterations which were $150
 and now she is pretty much having to redo half of it!
And she only has until Sunday to do it because she wants to have it done
before the Mr. gets here so we can hide it! 

Dang my last few posts have been filled with griping! I'm sorry! 
Hopefully after the wedding and the move 
everything will be back to normal, 
and I wont seem like the bridezilla or what not! haha