The Proposal!

On February 12, 2011 My whole life as I knew it changed!!

The day started off with the Mr., me, my best friend, her husband and children, The Mr's best friend and another friend and her son all loaded up in the cars and headed to San Diego to go to Sea world. 
We spent the entire day at sea world looking at all the animals and watching the shows.
It was so much fun and the weather was a little warm but still perfect!
We also road the water ride/ roller coaster right before we left,
and it was the Mr's first time to ever ride one!
It was a great experience to share together because I am all for experiencing "first" together. 
Then it was time to leave.
At first I thought that we were going to be driving 2 hours back to Twentynine Palsm, 
Then the Mr. told me we were going to stay at a hotel but it wasn't anything fancy.
I think he told me it was a motel 6 or something haha
Any ways, we are driving to the hotel and we are starting to get closer and closer to the ocean, then we end up on a road that is right on the ocean and it was so beautiful,
 The Mr. and all of our friends acted like we were lost or something and pulled over to talk. 
Then the Mr. surprised me and pointed across the street and said there's our hotel! 
It was so beautiful and right on the beach! I was so surprised.
Then the Mr. said he wanted to go for a walk on the beach,
So we went walking just the 2 of us (or so I though)
And we got down to the beach and was standing in the sand together,
The Mr. then asked me if I loved him, which of course I do and then started asking me how much I loved him 
and If I really really loved him (he was having trouble getting the ring out of his pocket!) haha
Then He went down on one knee and asked me to marry him! 
Before he could say anything else I said yes so fast and grabbed him! 
All of a sudden my best friend was running down the stairs snapping pictures of us! 
It was the best surprise and the most amazing engagement ever!! 

I was so surprised, and shocked!!

The ring was so Beautiful!! 
And after the engagement we had and amazing dinner. 
Then the next day we spend the day at the beach
and climbed on the rocks. 


  1. This is so romantic and I am so happy for you both! I'm ADDICTED to your blog, truthfully. You say what's on your mind and since I'm a young marine girlfriend (I'm 19), I feel as if I can better relate to you. I wish you two the best of luck in life, love, and happiness! You seem perfect for one another<3! :)

  2. Thank you so much! And I do Apologize, I completely forgot about my blog, and got your comment notification in my Email! Being a Marine significant other is so special, and I really believe it takes a strong girl to be apart of it! Stay strong, and If you ever want to talk you can always message my Facebook! I think I have a link on this blog :o) I will try to start updating again haha best of luck to you and your boyfriend!! :o)


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