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My name is heather. I am a 5'4" blonde hair girly girl!

I am an Oklahoma Native but will soon be making the move to California!! Deep down I will always be an Okie though! I'm pretty much a city girl who loves to do the country stuff, I'm not afraid to get my boots dirty, and I love to go mudding. I love the summer time and hate the cold.   

 I played soccer for 8 years, and I was a cheerleader for 8 years as well! I did both soccer and cheer my 7th, 8th, and 9th grade years. I then did just cheer for my school my 10th grade year. And for some reason after that I felt I just wasn't busy enough so I joined a local competitive cheer team in 2007 as long as stying on my school team, and my competitive team placed First in Nationals in Ohio in 2007! :o) I then went on and cheered for college for two years. I planned to cheer for the next 2 years as well but my cheerleading career was cut short when I was diagnosed with Melanoma skin cancer in August of 2010. 

I had a couple surgeries and all of my lymph nodes removed from my right armpit which limited my mobility for months. Around the same time I also met My loving FiancĂ© and decided that my life with him and supporting him was way more important than getting back into cheer. So I am now planning our wedding on June 11, 2011, And will be moving to California right after! 

I have my associates degree for Criminal Justice and am now working on my bachelors degree in Psychology! My original plan was to work for a criminal justice program on the state level and work cyber-crime against online predators, but becoming a marine wife and going through deployments and moving around the country I know that those career plans are on hold for a while, and I am completely fine with that! 

My S.O. and I are looking forward to the wedding and starting our own family in the near future and to just see where life has to bring us and where it wants to take us!   

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  1. Awesome! Can't wait for another update!!!


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