Monday, January 9, 2012


I have got to take a break from this wonderful thing called life,
to have a bit of a vent session.. And this will really 
not be anything about the military... Sorry!! 

SO I am taking online classes through a college back in Oklahoma.
I am on my last year before having my bachelors degree. 
I am currently using Student loans since we can not dish out Thousands of dollars
in tuition, and I have not filed for a new FASFA with my husbands information.
Last semester I did the exact same thing taking 4 online classes which adds up to 
12 credit hours and had absolutely no problems! 

Now for this semester. I am still taking 4 classes but one is a Science class
so with the lab it makes 13 credit hours.. 1 More than last semester.
I tried to order my books a month ago through my loans and
never got any kind of conformation. So i reordered them 

My classes started today so I paid the extra 20 bucks to have them mailed in 
one day. Well I get an email today saying my order was canceled.
I call the Book store and they tell me I only have $66!! 
What the heck!! 

So the book store gives me a number to call, who ends up giving me another number to call
and eventually I get a hold of the Financial Aid office. 
She said she did not know what the problem was, but then realizes it is only showing 
$66 on her record as well. So she then transfers me to another number...
Well this last number I have wont answer their dang phone 
and I swear they are ignoring my calls...
Sometimes it rings a lot then goes to voice mail..
Other times it only rings once then goes to voice mail....
And the best thing of all, Their Voice Mail is FULL!!!! 

Way to go Rogers State!! :/ 

I can not imagine having 1 more credit hour, would cost me over $1000!?! 
Either way I am not sure what to do.. My classes are already in 
Full gear and I have No books..

My books are around $400, and although that might not sound like too much
We have a plane ticket to buy for next month for my Dr. appointment. 
So what we do have saved up is pretty much for that.. 
as well as trying to save up for a deposit on a house when we move... 

UGHHHHH Yup I really do not understand why its pretty much required to 
have a degree to have a decent paying job, yet you have to go into such debt 
and so much trouble to get to that point.. Without even really having a 
guarantee that you are going to get that decent paying job. 
And Then to have an even better chance at a decent job you have to go to 
even more school, because now days even a bachelors degree does not 
seem to mean much any more!!! 

Way to start a new semester, right??!!

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