Sunday, January 8, 2012

Its A New Year!!

Yes I know I am a few days late!! 

This post is probably going to be all over the place as well. 

So the Mr. and I had an amazing new years! We had a few of the guys over 
for New Years Eve and all went well! We had a lot of Laughs. 
New years day we went to Big Bear which is a place on the Mountains 
Here in 29 and stayed with one of the guys that works with my husband
and his family! They were all so nice and funny! 
We ended up going to a place that had some big hills and you could 
ride down them on inter-tubes! We spent pretty much an entire day there! 
It was a lot of fun! 

One thing that does amaze me though is how STUPID some Marines can be! 
Seriously, If you are a Marine, No matter what rank you are, You should
Know the fact that you can NOT wear your Cammies and other gear out in town. 
Really are you just asking to get killed!!?? 
Some people need to realize that not everyone in this country appreciates 
what the Military is doing. Some people in THIS country would love 
to kill a person in the military. Its the harsh truth!! 
Wearing your cammies out in public puts a HUGE target on your back. 
If your wanting to try and get "respect" from the public by wearing 
your uniforms out in public then join the freaking ARMY! 

Ok, Sorry, I am done talking about the stupid Marines! lol But I do have to say,
If you are a S/O of a Marine and he decides to wear his Cammies
out in public. Do NOT get an attitude and mouth another Wife or Marine 
for correcting your husband and explaining the issues and harms of him 
taking this actions he has chosen to do. 
We are simply looking out for our own and In no way would we wish 
harm upon him. So take in the advice and Learn from it!! 
Before you find your husband shot, and your face stomped into the ground
for mouthing the WRONG person!!!

Ok, Now I am moving on! I Promise!!! haha 
Our Thanks giving was pretty good! We Spent it with the family 
that I babysit for. We had some pretty great food!! 
Christmas did not feel much like Christmas this year though. 
It was just the Mr. and I, and we ended up spending a lot of it at the gym haha
It was nice working out but defiantly did not feel much like Christmas. 
We had Stir-fry for dinner!! haha 

Well I think this is enough for now!! 
I will post some pictures!! 
Lol I Love Pictures!! So there will probably be lots 
throughout this blog!! Hope you enjoy! 

God Bless!! 

^^And Here is the Stupid Marine wearing his Cammies ^^
plus other random gear out in public!! 

^^Haha This is called the "Snow Shoe" lol^^

^^The Mr. and I on the Slopes^^ 

^^A Beautiful View!^^

^^I had to post this picture of all my loves sleeping!^^


  1. I totally agree with you! As an Army brat, I have witnessed the tragic horror of one of our servicemen getting Into some trouble. There was a group of us friends going out and he decided to wear his dress blues (he was in the navy). It was a formal event, so it was appropriate. The WAITER looked disgustedly at him, cursed him out and everything for which he stands, and POURED ICE WATER on jim before spitting at his feet! It was ridiculous! They got into a physical altercation and as the police officers pulled the waiter away, he yelled that he would kill every single soldier if he had the chance. I was appalled. I just don't understand some people.

  2. See exactly! In the Marines it is a rule that they are not allowed to wear their uniforms out in public. Their dress blues can be work at formal events and such. I honestly feel though that ALL branches of the military should have the same rules about the Cammies. Its a safety precaution. I see so many Soldier at the air ports or out in public with their Cammies on and I just do not feel its safe. I am not hating on them because they are Army.. who cares what branch they are in... I just do not want to see someone killed because of the clothes on their backs in our own country. There are way more people out there that Hate the military and consider all those involved in the military murderers.. but no one really wants to see that or believe that, because they want to believe our country is perfect..That is so sad about your friend though, that waiter should have been buying him a drink for his sacrifices rather than pouring a drink on him!!


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