Friday, January 6, 2012

Where did the time go??!!

Hello World!!

Where to start?? Geeze The last time I was on here was in July before my birthday... It is a bit crazy going back and ready my posts lol.

I am a lot stronger now as far as being away from my family. Don't get me wrong I miss them like crazy, but I am so thrilled to be living with my husband and making such amazing memories with him. Like all newlyweds we have our disagreements but it really has not been as bad as most would think. They always say the first year is the hardest, and we are already 6 months down and it has been a breeze.

Most people look at us and think we wont last. They hear our story of how fast we moved (engaged after 2 months, married after 6 months) but we believe you can never put a time frame on falling in love. Our relationship is stronger than many others I know, and we are kicking this first year in the butt! haha

Now that I have been a marine wife for 6 months, I have a bit of an idea on the life style. I was constantly asking the Mr. "Ok what does that mean?" "What does this do, stand for, ect?" "What rank is he?" lol you get the point :o) I was so nervous moving to California, and going on base, and especially going to his squadron. I did not know what to where, how to act, and was so nervous I would do something to get the Mr. in trouble! haha I learned fast though, and now know most of the terms, and military time, and most of the peoples ranks above my husband (the ones you have to be extra nice to) haha I do feel really bad though, I went to my first family day which is where the Marines families get to come to the squadron and meet everyone and eat and such. Well i went to my first one and as I was walking in, and older man which happened to be my husbands command walked by and said "good morning Ma'am". I was looking down and had no idea he was talking to me and just walked right past him!! After we got by him my husbands co worked said "he was talking to you"! I felt so bad, and was so worried he that he felt disrespected and would take it out on my husband, but thank god he did not! lol

Moving on :o) We actually moved out of our house in town and moved in to base housing! I love the house we are in! We had a lot of issues with our landlord that I am not even going to get into, but needless to say she was a horrible, heartless, manipulative person who royally screwed us over, and we are so glad to just be done with her! lol

We also have another dog! Spaz makes 3 haha he was actually a gift from my in laws for the wedding, but was to young to take at the time, so I flew down to Texas in August for a Dr. appointment and flew him back with me :o) I will try to get some pictures!

There is so much more that has happened, but this post is already pretty long so I will save it for another day. The Mr. is also trying to watch a movie and I am sure my loud typing is distracting him! hahah

God bless to all!! and I hope you are making the best of a new year!!

^^This is our Newest addition Spaz^^

^^Our 3 Babies! They love to play and sleep haha ^^

^^All of us cuddling on the couch while the Mr. was at work^^

^^They love each other!!^^

^^Lilly and Spaz Sleeping with the Mr.on the couch after a long day^^
Gunner is on the floor playing (you can see his head a little haha) 

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